Women Short Sleeve Sweat Suit

RM198.00 RM138.00

Women Short Sleeve Sweat Suit


Using the latest heat tech, Awesome Gears is bringing the latest fitness sweat pants that will help you burn off your fat while you are doing your daily task.

This is not the traditional heat pants which is very thick and uncomfortable. Awesome sweat pants is made using thin, comfortable materials while maintaining it’s flexibility so that you can stretch and move easily during your exercise.

  • Enhance our body temperature in a short period, activate the sweat glands, rapidly promote sweat discharge.
  • Made from ultra light and thin materials so that it is flexible & comfortable for you when you exercise.
  • It is also anti-odor so that you don’t have to worry about bad smell after sweating.
  • Can be used in multiple sports activities. Suggest sports: Running, Zumba, Martial arts, Gym, Yoga, etc.

Note: due to manual measurement, there will be a slight differences between 1 – 3cm.
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RM198.00 RM138.00

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Awesome Gears HOTSUIT series Sweat Suit. Enjoy the efficiency, limited time won’t be a problem anymore, because sweating will be unstoppable in this patented Sweat Suit.

This Sauna Sweat Suit is designed to cause sweat profusely for an effective body shaping and weight loss in short time. Exercise with it, only spend 10 minutes can reach the effect up to 30 minutes, keep workout 20  minutes  for effectively burn excess fat and excrete impurities from your body.

Fabric Materials: 86% Polyester + 14% Spandex

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